Personal Injury-Auto Case

Jury Trial/Bench Trial:
Judge Presiding:
Date of Verdict:
Plaintiff’s Counsel:
Defense Counsel:
Party submitting summary:
Policy limits:
Plaintiff’s last demand:$
Defendant’s last offer:$
Plaintiff’s property damage: $
Defendant’s property damage: $
Was low speed impact argued?
Were pictures of either vehicle offered and/or admitted into evidence?
Did Plaintiff or Defendant complain of injury at the scene?
What were Plaintiff’s injuries (type and area)?
What did Plaintiff do for a living and what was their age?
What did Defendant do for a living and what was their age?
Did Plaintiff have any relevant preexisting injuries?
Did Plaintiff have any prior or subsequent accidents?
If Plaintiff was not transported by ambulance, how long before Plaintiff first treated?
Was alcohol claimed to be involved?
Brief description of accident.
Plaintiff’s/Defendant’s liability position:
Plaintiff’s/Defendant’s position on damages:
Were there any independent witnesses for Plaintiff or Defendant?
Plaintiff’s treating physicians and their specialities:
How did Plaintiff get to their treating physicians?
Defendant’s medical experts and their specialities:
Plaintiff’s claim for past/future medical: $
Plaintiff’s claim for past/future loss of earning capacity: $
Plaintiff’s claim for past/future disfigurement: $
Percentage of negligence placed on Plaintiff/Defendant by the jury:
Jury’s award for past/future physical pain and mental anguish: $
Jury’s award for past/future loss of earning capacity: $
Jury’s award for past/future disfigurement: $
Jury’s award for past/future physical impairment: $
Jury’s award for past/future medical care: $
Other damages awarded by the jury: $
Total verdict including prejudgment interest and taxable cost: $
Other factors you deem important: