Divorce Case

Jury Trial/Bench Trial:
Judge Presiding:
Petitioner’s Counsel:
Respondent’s Counsel:
Party submitting summary:
Date of Verdict:
Was the marriage found to be valid?
If divorce was not granted because marriage was insupportable, please state the fault grounds:
If there were separate property issues, please describe:
If there were reimbursement issues, please describe:
If there was a premarital or post marital agreement, what was the effect of that agreement?
If there were any retirement issues, how were they handled?
Was the property division contested?
If the property was divided unequally, state the percentage awarded each party and the basis therefor:
Was the division of liabilities contested?
If liabilities were divided unequally, state the percentage to be paid by each and the basis therefor:
If spousal support was awarded, was it contested, how much was awarded and who received it?
Petitioner’s/Respondent’s experts and their specialities:
Who paid taxable costs and attorney’s fees?
Other factors you deem important:
Was conservatorship contested?
Was joint or sole managing conservatorship awarded?
Who was named primary/managing conservator?
Were the rights and duties of the conservators contested?
If the conservators were not awarded standard rights and duties, how were they modified?
Was possession and/or access contested?
If a standard possession order was not entered, how and why was it modified?
Was child support contested?
If the child support guidelines were not followed, how and why were they modified?